Menu Transparency

The growing trend of restaurants eliminating artificial ingredients such as preservatives, additives, sweeteners and food coloring from their menus has been a positive step towards advocating for consumer health, according to MenuTrinfo, which helps foodservice operators protect their customers by meeting or exceeding new nutritional labeling regulations as required by law and by partnering with restaurants to provide safe products and procedures that meet a wide range of dietary restrictions.

“We have seen this strong trend in first identifying allergens, then GMOs and now it has made a rapid push toward identifying ingredients that are clean, i.e. without additives or artificial ingredients. It is a tough job to do this task properly but thanks to our leading technology we can handle it and produce these free-from lists for our nutritional partner clients. It drives home my personal mantra that food is health care while medicine is sick-care,” said Betsy Craig, MenuTrinfo founder and CEO.

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